What is the Alexander Technique?

When you think about it, the human being is an incredible piece of design.  Most of us, though, don’t think too much about how we use ourselves in our daily activities unless our body lets us down and we end up with pain, injury and stress.

The Alexander Technique is a philosophy, teaching methodology and set of principles for bringing consciousness to the way we use our selves.  This means developing a conscious link between the mind and body.   The word ‘self’ refers to the complete human being which means treating the body and mind as indivisible.

We can use the Alexander Technique to change unhelpful habits in our everyday activities, let go of unnecessary tension and redirect our energies into a more easeful, efficient and enjoyable way of being.  We can begin to go about our life in a more thoughtful, yet naturally poised way.

The Alexander Technique was developed by Frederick Mathias Alexander at the turn of the last Century.  He evolved his technique by methods of experimentation and observation that met strict scientific standards. The effectiveness of the Alexander Technique is well documented and is increasingly recommended by doctors and other medical practitioners.  A study published in the British Medical Journal in August 2008 confirmed that lessons in the Alexander Technique have long term benefits for people with chronic back pain.
» Alexander Technique Research on back pain. 

The Alexander Technique is also very popular in the performing arts, amongst elite sportspeople and amongst anyone looking to improve their performance in daily activities from gardening to swimming to walking and everything in between.