What Are The benefits of Learning The Alexander Technique?

Each individual will discover for themselves what the Alexander Technique can offer them. For some it is very much focused on pain relief, for others it is learning how to feel less stressed in their lives, or learning how to move so that their particular activity (be it sport or playing an instrument or riding a horse …) is improved. Sometimes people come because they don't like their posture and sometimes simply because they want to feel more confident in themselves.

It is rare for someone to go away having had no benefit. Sometimes people start noticing amazing changes from early on in their course of lessons, for others it takes longer for them to begin noticing or to be ready to let go of their old habits.

In general, the benefits encompass:

Less tension, pain in everyday activities
Improved energy levels
Improved posture, balance and flexibility
Movement that feels easier
Improved range of movement
Reduced anxiety/stress levels
Enhanced voice, breath and stage presence for performers
Enhanced ability to manage physical limitations

In many ways the Alexander Technique is a set of first principles that will improve your performance in all activities be it swimming, yoga, singing, speaking or everyday movement