What is an Alexander Technique lesson like?

The Alexander Technique is a form of education, rather than a physical therapy.  The relationship between the practitioner and client is one of teacher and student.

Rather than treating individual symptoms, an Alexander Technique teacher will help you become conscious of underlying patterns that cause tension and stress throughout your whole self (body and mind).  You will learn how to undo these patterns and replace them with the body’s natural balance, poise and coordination.

It is a joint exploration in which the student and teacher work together to understand habitual patterns and come up with a plan to change them.  This will involve observing the pupil in simple movements like sitting, standing and walking.  The teacher uses verbal and manual guidance to give the student a different experience of their coordination.  Over time the student learns to replace their old habits with a conscious and coordinated use.

As you will be working with movement, it’s best to wear loose comfortable clothing.  Pants are preferable to skirts for women.