How can the Alexander Technique help


Many people seek out the Alexander Technique to improve their posture.  Often just the word ‘posture’ can make people feel weary.  Have you had the experience of slumping in your chair in front of the computer screen, then thinking you must improve your posture so try to sit up straight, only to tire within minutes and slump back into your original position?

Alexsander Technique and postureMost people have an incorrect conception of what good posture involves – believing that it is something that you have to do.  They impose a rigid, tight postural habit over the top your existing poor postural habits,  engaging the wrong muscles to hold themselves up,  leading to fatigue and an inability to maintain the perceived ‘good posture’.  Usually they quickly give up.

Improved posture is a natural outcome of a series of Alexander Technique lessons.  You will learn to become aware of your postural habits (many of which will not be obvious to you now) and how to undo habits which do not serve you well and uncover the natural posture which is your birthright. You will learn to find your good posture through a process of undoing, rather than overdoing. The result is much more rewarding, creating a sense of ease, poise and grace in movement.

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