How can the Alexander Technique help

Sports and Sports Injury

Have you ever wondered why some people glide effortlessly through the water in a swimming pool and others seem to be exerting much greater effort but to less effect?

Generally speaking people use too much muscular effort when doing such things as swimming, running, cycling, weight lifting etc, and there is usually a belief that more effort is required, when in fact it is often less or better effort that will lead to improvement.

Alexsander Technique and sportsThe Alexander Technique teaches a set of principles about how to mindfully coordinate the body and approach any activity with ease and efficiency.   This obviously has benefits for any sport.  Once the student has understood and can apply underlying AT principles, the teacher can then look at particular sports activities and assist in analysing their specific requirements, undoing unhelpful habits and encouraging more efficient movement. 

If you have a sports injury (particularly a chronic one), an AT teacher can help you analyse what you are doing that is setting up the conditions to create the injury, and help you to undo that pattern.

You will find that your sport becomes far more enjoyable when you are able approach it mindfully and as your movement becomes more coordinated and less effortful.

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