How can the Alexander Technique help


Modern life is, without doubt, demanding and full of competing stimuli that can overwhelm us. Given this, most of us build up stress levels that can start to encroach on our sense of wellbeing.  We can find ourselves living with a perpetual cycle of tension throughout our body. Over years we develop a habitual response pattern that can be very counter productive to living a fulfilled and contented life. The startling fact is that we can be unaware that we are affected in this way because over time it feels so normal.

In an Alexander Technique lesson you learn to become more aware of the physical reactions you have to stress, for example, jaw clenching, holding breath, tightening neck, shoulders, legs etc. As you start to notice and experience the connection between the mind and body in your self, you can make different choices in how you respond to stimulus which will lead to long lasting positive change.