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Emma Tonkin – Northcote, Melbourne

My experience with the Alexander Technique started after hearing from a friend about a teacher in my neighbourhood who worked well with musicians and singers. I am a singer/songwriter and at the time I was struggling with performance anxiety and general all over body tension. I knew that something was blocking my ability to express myself and because of this I was losing joy for playing music.

From my first lesson I felt like I was being supported to become me again, experiencing myself in a calm and grounded way, starting from the inside out.  What struck me, as the lessons progressed, was how much I didn’t know about my own body and the natural laws that guide the body in movement. I felt as though I was discovering buried treasure, treasure buried deep within my own self.

With continued lessons nearly a year passed and things were changing, physically and emotionally. If I chose to apply what I was learning I found myself to be more present, calm, able to be more spontaneous and was experiencing less tension - all good things to have as a performer, as well as just general life.

I was eager to learn more about myself and the human being through the technique, so I began the three year teacher training course in Melbourne.  During the first year of the training I became pregnant and benefited greatly from the technique as I navigated my way through pregnancy.

My teaching practice is based in Thornbury, Melbourne.

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Ph: 0411 860 814