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Jane Coker – Latrobe Valley and South Gippsland

Jane CokerI have 25 years experience as a singer, saxophonist, voice teacher and community music facilitator. Originally from the UK, I have worked in Australia since 1999. My own experience of the Alexander Technique has been an end to over 20 years of chronic lower back pain, an increased vocal range and an a better ability to deal with stress.

I had been suffering from severe lower back problems since my early twenties. In my early 40s the condition became intolerable and I began learning Alexander Technique. I learned how to use myself in a different way and can now bend and move more easily without fear of pain or injury. Best of all I can now play my huge baritone saxophone again, mow the lawn, go camping with friends and many other things that make life worth living.

I am passionate about helping ordinary people to make music, both with their voices and with instruments. I love to work with people who just want to have fun singing or playing but they have never tried or gave up ages ago. As well as teaching individuals I also specialise in group workshops.

“Jane’s lessons and workshops are inspiring, encouraging and most of all offer participants practical tools and strategies that they can apply to the use of their voices and bodies in their daily lives.”
Maggie Robson – student.

Contact details:
Ph: 03 9664 4283
Mob: 0400 053 266