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Julianne Eveleigh - Ballarat

Julianne EveleighI have been working as a voice and speech coach since 1990. My work focuses on the dynamic relationship between vocal and physical expression. I believe that the voice does not operate in isolation from the mind and body. We use our voice and body to communicate thoughts and emotions and I'm particularly interested in exploring and developing these subtle connections with students.

My interest in working with the embodied voice led me to embark on a three year Alexander Technique Training course, qualifying in 2005 as an Alexander Technique teacher from the School for F M Alexander Studies in Melbourne.

For me the joy of working with the Alexander Technique is that we work with the whole person in activity. Students are taught how to improve their coordination as a whole rather than focus on tension in isolation. It is a journey of discovery for both student and teacher, endlessly fascinating and rewarding.

My job as Lecturer in Voice at the University of Ballarat Arts Academy has enabled me to set up a new Alexander Technique Studio in Ballarat.

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Ph: 0407 784 883