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Lailani Burra – St Kilda, Melbourne

I was first introduced to the Alexander Technique in London in 1995, where I had a series of lessons. 

My motivation for having lessons was to improve my posture which was quite stooped.  My previous experience of trying to ‘stand up straight’ was that it was hard work, painful and I was unable to make lasting changes.  The great joy of the Alexander Technique was discovering that having good postural use does not need to be forced; it simply needs to be rediscovered.   I also learned that when my body was being co-ordinated well, I felt much happier in myself, more confident and open. But I think the biggest pleasure for me was turning up for my lesson feeling scattered and full of busy thoughts and leaving feeling still, calm and centred.

Eventually I decided I wanted to be able to give other people the same experience and enrolled in the three year course to become an Alexander Technique teacher at the Melbourne-based School for FM Alexander Studies.  I qualified in 2005. 

I work with a variety of people – some have been motivated by pain or injuries to learn a new way to co-ordinate themselves.  Others are interested in moving with grace and ease, increasing their energy and ability to stay centred in the midst of busy lives.  Others are interested in applying the technique to specific activities such as yoga, cycling and swimming, which are particular interests of mine.

My Alexander Technique teaching practice is based in St Kilda, Melbourne. 

Contact details
Ph: 0418 135 181