How can the Alexander Technique help


People go to Yoga classes for many reasons, including relaxation, stress management and improving health and fitness. Some people find, however, that they can injure themselves while doing yoga, that previous injuries prevent them from enjoying yoga classes, or that they are not happy with how well they can participate in the class. They may find that the postures are just too difficult, or they feel ‘stuck’ with their practice and frustrated by an apparent lack of progress. By applying the principles of the Alexander Technique to yoga, this ancient discipline can be practiced in a constructive way for everyone.

Alexsander Technique and YogaYoga postures were developed over centuries by people living a very different way of life from people today. Modern practises such as sitting in chairs, using computers, and being sedentary for much of the day, can mean that our physical condition is not necessarily suited to the classical forms of yoga postures. The sophisticated understanding of human movement developed by Alexander Technique teachers has been applied to the adaptation and refinement of yoga postures and to the development of approaches to yoga.

Combining the Alexander Technique with yoga brings a focus on doing yoga in a way which suits each person’s particular body. Emphasis is placed on how students move, on improving coordination, appropriate stretching and the building of strength where it is needed. By approaching the yoga practice in this way, there is a reduced chance of injury, pre-exisiting injuries are not exacerbated and may improve, and there is continuous development in the practice.

The classes are taught in small groups, so that each participant receives individual attention. General principles of the Alexander Technique are introduced when appropriate. The teacher is a trained Alexander Technique teacher, and is able to skilfully use her hands to gently guide students in their postures. There is an emphasis on looking after the neck, back and other joints, so that the yoga is practised safely for everyone. This yoga is suitable for people of all abilities and levels of experience.

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